Coastside Sea Rise & Erosion Forum

The Coastside Sea Rise & Erosion Forum was held on Tuesday, May 24, 2016 at the Douglas Beach House in Miramar.  Please check out the video below:

Pacifica Sea Level Rise Forum

The Pacifica Sea Level Rise Forum was held on March 24, 2016.


In the videos below please watch John Englander as well as federal, state and local experts discuss the magnitude of this profound challenge. Learn about the importance of integrating adaptation strategies into government policies.


San Mateo County has more people and property at risk from the rising sea than any other Bay Area county. 


 The irreversible collapse of a massive cluster of glaciers in Antarctica has begun and could cause sea levels to rise worldwide by four feet within 200 years. Its imperative that elected representatives lead on this critical issue. The climate change clock is ticking.

Four videos from the Dec. 9, 2013 Sea Level Rise symposium at the College of San Mateo: